Casa Molá

Old stone Istrian stille house, built from local stone and soil, half built underground, moisture insulation non existing, fundaments non existing

Detailed planning started very early, with a help of good local architects house was on a good way to get a proper makeover.

It took more then few times to drawing board and back

Sadly but gladly with advice from the architects and demolition squad we decided for a complete rebuild

Started building from scratch, our local building partners from "Maling" Labin did a very good job

Stones remaining from old house was used to rebuild the facade

To give the house a modern touch which by the way we are a huge fan of we made Northern wing a concrete and glass combination resulting in a well lit space

Inside was made modern combining steel, concrete and oak, with steel beams and staircase, concrete walls and oak ceiling. With its peculiar design the steel staircase became central part of the house connecting all three levels into modern design lovers dream house

Drone shoot and interior design