Vosilla Holiday is family renting business since 2008 from Croatia, Istria. We manage Exclusive 5 star Villa Vosilla, and two Apartments. We carefully plan and build our properties for high quality vacations. Villa Vosilla is situated in quiet and desolate area in the Drenje, Rasa and despite the fact that Drenje is a dynamic building site these days our spot will remain peaceful since the Villa and the surrounding olive groves occupy more than 2 Ha.


To see our guest leaving with a smile on their faces, and having most of them returning in the years to come. We make our business their happiness. More than 50% of our guests are returning guests


To make Vosilla Holiday our major income, we plan to expand our renting facilities in Drenje area, with Villa Vosilla being the major one for eight people. The new coming house for 2024, a modern designed accommodation, is smaller than the bigger sister, but very attractive. The whole area is submerged in olive grove with 200 olive trees.